The BabieStraw (Set of 2)
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The BabieStraw (Set of 2)


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Learning how to use a straw can be a nerve-wracking process, but it doesn’t have to be with the BabieStraw! The BabieStraw (set of two straws) have been specially designed to help your baby transition to drinking with a straw. The integrated choke guard will teach your little one how far in their mouth straw should go, while also encouraging proper oral positioning & tongue retraction. The Babiestraws are also soft and flexible. You will feel comfortable know they are gentle on your baby's mouth and gums, while allowing them to learn how to use the straw on their own. We make the BabieStraw here in the USA from the same FDA Food Grade American sourced materials as our teethers. Your baby can gnaw and chew away on them just like our teethers! Each box comes with two BabieStraws, one long and one short, for use with different size cups. A cleaning brush is also included!